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own works and projects



Logo and graphic design for Portfolio and website.

2015 - check out the website


Transmedia Game experience for training workshops.

Useful game dynamics that can be applied to any kind of training, in accordance to make it more attractive to the attendants. With the purpose of solving a crime, cream&crime allows to mix fun dynamics with serious content.

2014 - check out the website


Transmedia Project developed in the centre of Girona, a link between amusement and cultural stimulation.

2puntllibre starts out with a short narration, expressly written for the project, which tells a story that takes place in the same city where the project will be developed. Each episode will be located in distinct spots of the city, such as bookshops, local shops and even at local libraries, where you will be able to find the complete written text. Watch the video to see an episode of our first story.

2013 - check out the website


Photography project.

Serie of six photographs that want to show a moment of deep thinking and isolation. An image of what happens when time keeps running but your mind stops.